Important Server Reset Information
Started by Zyonyte

Hi all, after a lot of careful consideration we've decided to make a very bold move in order to help the server become the best of it's ability. This will be a fairly long thread, so please be patient and read through all of this if you have the time to do so.

Since the release of the server we have had so much positive feedback, but on the flip side we have also recieved a lot of negative feedback. I cannot stress to everyone enough on the fact we take each one of your suggestions seriously, that's because without you guys this server wouldn't have a purpose. It is just as much your guys' server as it is my own. I run, manage and fund the server, but you guys have a huge impact on which direction the server will go.

This leads me on to my next point, there have been many bugs, exploits, glitches and errors that have not only caused the economy to be ruined, but have caused many players to speculate if the current f top factions have made their way there legit. With that said, the current payout is $550 TOTAL F TOP. This is a lot of money, and I am going to be paying the top factions, both myself and the community believe it would only be fair to start fresh, with more strict rules in place, and more suggestions being implemented as to ensure the factions who place number one, will have earned it fairly. This also gives all players the ability to have a fighting chance at f top, as there were some concerns with some players worried they couldn't catch up due to the huge shift in the economy, which is understandable.

We are urging all players who are aware of bugs, dupe exploits, glitches to come forward and let us know. If we can wire out all of the exploits, we will never need to reset like this again. So please reply to this thread or DM me on Discord privately.

As with anything, this is going to cause some backlash, to which I am prepared to handle. These things happen, the best I can do as the server owner is manage the situation effectively, and put the best interests of everyone playing at heart, because whether you all know it or not, we are a community, and communities strive when they work together. So if you're upset about this, please give us another chance. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the next time you login to The Spire Network you will not be dissapointed.

We will be closing the server for maintenance on the 26th June 2020. The server will remain closed for 7-10 days while myself and our developers work hard to bring the experience we all know and love at The Spire back to life. We will need to approach consistent bug testing and release a server that is spot on, with very minimal errors.

If you have donated for a rank, crate keys, sellwands, chunkbusters or anything of the sort. You will be given these items on release. I will be personally going through all of the donated items dated in the last 8 days and get my developers to create a unique one time command which will automatically give you all the items you have donated for on the day of release.

We will still be paying out, as we understand that many users have invested a lot of time into our server during the first week of release, we don't want to see their time wasted. However, we have decided that we will only be paying out Buycraft, and putting the money we would have initially paid out back into the server to ensure that we can invest in plugins, and projects that will benefit you guys in the long run. Not everyone is going to be happy about this, which is fine, but we need to all work together so that the next release of The Spire, is done properly.

We are still actively looking for new staff members, we have since gone back to the old applications system, so if you would like to copy and paste the format in the staff applications section and apply for staff, now is the time.

I would like to let you all know about some of the key things we are changing to ensure a much better release this time around:

  • We have invested in StellarSpigot. Due to the users complaining about our BeerSpigot, we will be using this one, and will require testing of it to ensure when grace ends, everyone is happy.
  • The economy will be switched from a Cactus based economy to a Sugarcane based economy, as such to defer users from printing in farms.
  • Enabling /f fly for everyone, with a limitation. You will now only be able to use /f fly by purchasing "Fly Time" from the in-game shop. Faction fly will be enabled permanently for all users for the first 72 hours (3 days) of grace period being active.
  • All Chunk Collectors will be limited to a certain amount of value. This means the Collectors will stop earning money when it reaches its maximum value. This cannot be increased, you must purchase more collectors to earn money quicker.
  • Sell Wands are still going to be useful, due to the expected increase of Chunk Collectors, sell wands will be used to automatically sell all items within a chunk collector instantly. They will still be available to purchase on our store, or by winning it in a KOTH Crate.
  • We will be removing /printer entirely until further notice.
  • We will be adding stackable spawners.
  • Updating the economy.
  • Revaluing our donation store prices.

We understand and apologise for any upset caused by our decision, but like I mentioned we are doing this in the best interests of the server. Please bare with us while we bring back The Spire Network | "A Factions Experience Like No Other"

The Spire Network

7 months ago