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Zyonyte Zyonyte8 months ago
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Hi all, after a lot of careful consideration we've decided to make a very bold move in order to help the server become the best of it's ability. This will be a fairly long thread, so please be patient and read through all of this if you have the time to do so.

Since the release of the server we have had so much positive feedback, but on the flip side we have also recieved a lot of negative feedback. I cannot stress to everyone enough on the fact we take each one of your suggestions seriously, that's because without you guys this server wouldn't have a purpose. It is just as much your guys' server as it is my own. I run, manage and fund the server, but you guys have a huge imp...

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Zyonyte Zyonyte9 months ago
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Good morning all,

As some of you may be aware, one of our previous Managers decided he would take it upon himself to ban every user from our Discord server and delete all of the posts made on our Forum. Unfortunately we didn't have a backup, but since have started an automatic backup event every 24 hours.

Since the recent events occured, the said ex-manager has now been banned from all of our servers, forums and discord and we have also unbanned all users who were banned from the discord.

We shouldn't have given this user as much power as we did, and since have created all the necessary security measures to ensure this does not happen again. Please bare with us while we work to get the discord back and active a...